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摘要WRITING TEST The Writing Test includes three different types of multiple-choice questions (Iden ...



The Writing Test includes three different types of multiple-choice questions (Identifying Sentence Errors, Improving Sentences, and Improving Paragraphs) and an essay component. Each of the four question types is discussed below.


The Writing Test is designed to measure your ability to write and recognize standard written English. It does not presuppose a technical knowledge of English grammar nor require the ability to write prize-winning prose, but it does require the ability to distinguish correct from incorrect usage and the ability to write clearly and correctly. A multiple-choice item, for example, would not ask you to identify the tense of the verb had sung as the past perfect form of the verb to sing, but you would be expected to recognize that had sung is used properly in the sentence “Though she had sung the duet many times before, Natalie was afraid that she might forget the words.” And the essay component does not require a lengthy and literate treatment of some esoteric topic, but it does require two to four paragraphs of clear writing on a topic that you will have no trouble discussing.


The Writing Test has the following structure:


Part A

20 minutes

Essay Component

Part B

40 minutes

Multiple-Choice Questions


Identifying Sentence Errors


Improving Sentences


Improving Paragraphs


Identifying Sentence Errors


The multiple-choice part of the Writing Test is scored in the same way as other SAT II tests: your score is a function of the number of questions you answer correctly minus a fraction of the number of questions you answer incorrectly. The Essay Component is graded by two experienced teachers. Each assigns the essay a score from 1 (the lowest) to 6 (the highest), and the essay score is the sum of the two individual scores. The essay score is then combined with the score on the multiple-choice component of the test to produce a single score on the 200-to-800 scale.


Since the Writing Test focuses on standard written English, we will begin by reviewing the important principles that are tested by the Writing Test: grammar, sentence structure, expression, and punctuation. (Punctuation is a matter of obvious concern on the essay component but is not tested by the multiple-choice questions.) After the English review, we will take up each individual question type.


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